Version: 10.7.5
Language: English
Price: Free (ads,inapp)
Developer: Snapchat
Our Score: 98%
please note: are not the developers or official representatives of this app.

The thing that makes Snapchat so special? You can’t really tell as it has so packed with cool features that it can make your mind hurt! Snapchat is the social network that start the story craze. Everybody’s sending cool stories, mashed up videos and filtered photos and everybody’s happy.

App Description:

The app is basically a very sophisticated camera. With this camera, you can shoot cool videos and photos, edit them, put captions, style them any way you want to express your personality and show the world just how special you are or at what extraordinary circumstances you were at when you shot the video.

Once you add your friends to the app, you can do the most important thing in this universe – share the video, download the video, share the story, download the story etc. There are so many filters and special effects for you to use, share and download, whether it is on your android phone, iphone or even your pc or mac. You can do things like download your memories, get your snapchat archive and so on.

The apk file for snapchat is the base of the program. It is the actual source of Snapchat which allows you to run it on phones and even on a pc or mac computer (desktop or laptop), you don’t even have to use programs like Bluestacks.

Main features and other benefits of Snapchat:

  • Create engaging stories and memories from your experiences
  • Add filters and special effects to your shots
  • Erase (almost) all trace of it after – what you share disappears off the network after a certain amount of time
  • The coolest effects only on Snapchat
  • The best publishers are on there (Buzzfeed for example)


Product Screenshots: